8 Tips for a Beautiful South Florida Wedding

8 Tips for a Beautiful South Florida Wedding

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Planning a wedding in beautiful South Florida?

It's a wonderful idea, but there's much to consider in our area! Whether you're looking in Miami or Jupiter, it's important to consider a number of factors in planning your day.

Factor in Hurricanes

We’re in South Florida, so hurricanes can and do occur from time to time! Although they’re not typically devastating, they can greatly impact events. When a hurricane hits, there can be road closings, extremely high winds, flying debris, and much more. Hurricane season runs from June through November – make a note of this when planning your South Florida wedding!

Choose the Best Month

For an ideal South Florida wedding experience, choose a date between November and March. It gets hot and humid around April and May, and this definitely continues well into October. It can be very challenging for guests to endure long stretches of outdoor wedding events in the heat and direct sun. Additionally, rainfall is typically heaviest in June and September.

Where's the Beach?

The beach is basically the hallmark of Florida, and if you’re having a destination wedding here, it will more than likely be on the beach. Beach weddings can be incredibly moving and stunning, but there are many things to consider. From the time of day, to tides, to sound issues, sand type, rain and permits, it’s important to ensure you’re considering all of these things in your planning.

Use the Scenery

You don’t necessarily have to do an ocean beach theme for your day, but you can use the natural beauty of South Florida to enhance it. The area offers so much in the way of lush landscapes, palm trees, and gorgeous waters. If you can allow the natural landscape to be a beautiful backdrop and tropical ambiance for your day, it will only add to the charm of your Florida wedding.

What's in the Area?

Even if you aren’t using a Florida beach theme, it can be fun to incorporate the area into favors, welcome baskets, bridal party gifts, and other small, thoughtful details throughout your day. There are plenty of talented local vendors who offer personalized or unique items that would fit the bill of sophistication with Florida charm.

Take a Trip

If you’re planning a destination wedding in South Florida, make sure that you take a trip here (or several, if possible!) before the big day. As your planners, we can help with much of the legwork, but it’s still crucial to see your venue and the surrounding area for yourself. No matter where your day takes place, it’s very helpful to envision your wedding in person.

Beyond the Ocean

There’s more to this area than just the beach! You have the beautiful intracoastal waterways and other marina views that make for stunning weddings and reception backdrops. Consider other venues that may offer a unique view and vibe that might just be perfect for you. From the modern to the rustic, South Florida has a lot more options than just the beach.

A Plan B

With any wedding, it’s important to have a Plan B. Florida weather is notoriously unpredictable, and it can be sunny one minute and pouring rain the next. A solid Plan B will ensure that you still have a beautiful day in a dry (or less windy) setting – and avoid a lot of stress!

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Inspired By: Masculine Brunch Design Options

Inspired By: Masculine Brunch Design Options

Brunch is all the rage these days! I love the trend and I love a good mimosa. :)
While brunch is an amazing way to spend time with friends and family, the inspiration for throwing your own event can be heavy on the feminine.  Pinks, florals, shabby chic, and bright colors seem to be the norm, and while that's beautiful, I wanted to focus on something different.

Enter....the masculine brunch!

This isn't just for the guys - but for anyone who wants something unique, fresh, and fun.  I came up with two inspiration/mood boards for two different feels.

The first one is the more earthy and clean look:

Masculine Manly Brunch Inspiration Palm Beach

I really love greens with a mix of black and white.  I wanted to incorporate some clear and acrylic touches as well: the invitation, the legs of the table, the chairs, and the miniature food covers are all clear.  I love this look and how it adds a modern touch!

For the second look, I went straight to the lodge - a mix of leather, blues, wood, and bourbon:

Masculine Manly Brunch Unique Brunch Ideas Palm Beach

It still gives a sophisticated look with color - while not being overly feminine.  And nothing says boozy brunch for the guys more than a bourbon cocktail!

I hope you enjoyed some of these unique, masculine brunch options.  Let me know if you decide to do something similar at your next event!

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INVITATION: Bliss & Bone | CHAIR: Overstock | FLOWERS: Tabulous Design | COCKTAIL: How Sweet Eats | MIRRORED CHARGER PLATE: LionsDeal | DINNER PLATE: Birthday Direct | LINEN: Nuage Designs | LUCITE TABLE: Decor Pad | APPETIZERS: Peter Callahan | CHAMPAGNE: Veuve Clicquot


INVITATION SUITE: Written Word Studio and Amber Moon Design via Style Me Pretty | TOP BLUE FLORALS: Valley Flora via Style Me Pretty | LIGHT FLORALS: Fiore Designs via Style Me Pretty | LEATHER CHAIR: Rockett St George | LEATHER SILVERWARE: AliExpress | BOURBON COCKTAIL: August.La | WOOD BAR SET: West Elm