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4 Tips for a Great Gatsby Party

4 Tips for a Great Gatsby Party

There's something about a Great Gatsby/1920s party that's always exciting to guests. It's beautiful, glitzy, and full of glamour and opulence! Everything that makes a party extra special. :)

I've been collecting a series of posts for a Great Gatsby party on my Pinterest board titled "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" for inspiration:

Here are some of my favorite tips for throwing a Gatsby party:

  1. Glitz: A Gatsby party has to be glitzy! From the outfits to the cake, your guests will expect to be surrounded by glamour. Include gold glitter, sparkle, and metallic touches wherever possible. This is one place where it will almost never look out of style or overdone.

  2. Art Deco Touches: Art deco is the epitome of a Gatsby party, and you can include touches anywhere from the tablecloth to the cake emblem. This fan and scalloped pattern will truly add the authentic touch of the 20's to your event.

  3. Glamour: As I mentioned before, the theme of a Gatsby party is glamour! It's time to utilize your nice silverware and dinnerware, especially if they're old-fashioned. Even if they're not, use the best diningware possible for this type of event.

  4. Be Bold: If a Gatsby party is anything, it's bold. Other events can be more understated, but this is the party to go all out. If possible, find ways to integrate fun, antique items into the decor.  Additionally, don't be afraid to use bold pops of color and fun items like large feathers, tall centerpieces, and glitzy glassware.

Check out some outside sources of tips advice for your next Gatsby party:

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