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3 Beautiful Alternatives to Roses

3 Beautiful Alternatives to Roses

Roses are beautiful, but they can be expensive and a bit unoriginal to some.

If you want a similar feel to roses, but you're looking for something less expensive or a little bit unique, you've come to the right place! Here are three alternatives to roses that you can use for anything from wedding bouquets to Valentine's Day flowers.


Ranunculus flowers resemble roses, as they have many tightly-layered petals that give them that similar distinction as roses.


Lisianthus are known as a top alternative for roses. You can even use the double-flower lisianthus for more of the layered look. They are much less expensive and are still gorgeous.


Begonias also have the necessary layers to compete with roses. They come in pastel and bright pinks and the colors that are necessary for this bouquet.

Do you prefer roses or alternative options? What's your favorite flower? :)

Thank you for reading!